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project management

We have been in your shoes, made the mistakes and learned. We help you deliver controlled, risk-managed programs and projects.

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people improvement

Effective change requires the right approach where the why of change is of over-riding importance.

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process consulting

effective and efficient supply chain and HR-related processes. application driven BPM.

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predictable revenue

We have felt the excitement of starting new companies; felt the pain of the erratic revenue. Revenue is good, predictable revenue is better.

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project management services


For a very long time, people have been doing projects, and for a very long time some people have been messing up their projects. Good approaches and technicques are 'out there' but some people don't know they're there. And when it comes to managing projects these days, there are many challenges faced by project managers, directors of operations, vice presidents of professional services, chief financial offers, and other project team members. The five most common project management challenges are:

  • geographically dispersed project teams
  • unclear scope and objectives
  • over booked or mismanaged resources
  • wasting time looking for project documents or assets
  • spending too much time in status meetings instead of producing deliverables

Let's learn and not re-invent the wheel

We have been in your shoes and strongly believe in pragmatic use of standards, we apply the market standards for project management PRINCE2 and TMAP for test management.

Our services

From project initiation, we establish clearly defined project objectives and scope. From this we can provide comprehensive planning, strong budget controls and rigorous risk management to ensure successful delivery. Throughout this we adopt “A manage by exception” approach, maintaining clear and concise communications with project stakeholders. Our approach is pragmatic and flexible, and will be adapted to meet you specific project requirements, whether they be short or long term, and whether you require full or part time assistance.

We help you deliver controlled projects for:

  • business transformation with learning and training
  • application implementations for ERP (SAP), IAM and returnable packaging (RTI)
  • process improvement projects in HR, supply chain and purchase-to-pay
  • software development or business process outsourcing
  • sales development

If you know you need some support, yet don't know when it is needed, we can offer a bank of retained service days to be used on an ad hoc basis.

Complementary skill sets

We acknowledge that there are many skill sets required to being a successful project manager. You might have people in your origination who excel in some areas of project management, but sometimes lack the same competencies in others (e.g. Risk Management). Iades at work will be happy to provide support to your project manager whilst focusing on these areas, giving them the knowledge and confidence to improve these skills.

people improvement services


Creating and maintaining a capable, motivated, flexible and mobile workforce is indispensible for any organization. This requires:

  • recruiting talent and finding solutions for flexible and temporary sourcing
  • organizing internal mobility and career planning
  • training and developing talent, also for temporary and flexible workforce
  • ensuring sustained staff motivation despite numerous changes and increasing pressure
  • provide certainty and stability, setting goals and driving change to ensure that the momentum is used

Our services

To address these challenges, we help you deliver:

  • learning and development strategies
  • training development, coaching and change management
  • skills and competency management frameworks
  • talent and performance management
  • staffing and recruitment
  • implementing an optimized HR operating model
  • senior professionals as HR business partner

Effective change requires the right approach.

Whether people change is largely determined by why they change. And they are most successful at changing when they choose to change. This is where chnage initiatives can create problems, because it’s often imposed rather than invited. When we feel something is being imposed on us – even if it’s for our own good – our natural reaction is to resist. So if you’re trying to help someone change, your first consideration must be to approach him or her in a way that enhances, rather than dampens, motivation. Focus on asking more questions and giving fewer lectures. Our work is to help people uncover and strengthen motives they already have, so they’re more inclined to take action. Think of conversations as interviews instead of sermons, and you’ll be far more successful in helping people change.

process consulting services


Process management ("BPM") is a management discipline that focuses on understanding and defining what the end-to-end processes are, how they can be monitored and measured, where opportunities for improvement or problems to be solved are situated, and how effective process improvements can be realized in a sustainable way.

Process-oriented organizations are able to deal with inter-departmental and cross-functional objectives, end-to-end resource allocation and constraints, roles and responsibilities to manage processes, and last but not least, a culture and human attitude focusing on the customer and allowing for collaboration throughout the organization.

As we strongly believe in standards, we work with the market standard Business Process Management Notation ("BPMN").

Our services

Combining our process management expertise with sound domain knowledge is key to successful implementation of effective and efficient processes. HR, supply chain, finance and systems knowledge is thoroughly embedded in the work we deliver:

  • process analysis - defining process and operational requirements for new or changing business applications
  • process design and implement lean processes
  • process governance - create management capabilities in an end-to-end and cross-departmental view
  • process performance management - develop and implement performance measurements using KPI's and score cards.

To unleash the true power of our process consulting services, combine it with our project and program management expertise.

predictable revenue services


We have felt the excitement of starting new technology companies, raising money and hiring; we have felt the pain of the erratic revenue roller coaster, layoffs and failed businesses. We have the experience of not having a clue how to make the numbers promised to executives or investors. We’ve laid awake at night, stressed and anxious, and dreading to go into work day after day. And since then, we’ve discovered that all this frustration and uncertainty in sales can be avoided. Revenue’s great… but predictable revenue is better.

This is what we do

Based on the work of Geoffrey Moore on High Tech Marketing and the ideas of Aaron Ross, we consult/coach to help you reach predictable revenue for your company. No matter what kind of help you want, freeby ideas or a consulting relationship, we are here to help you succeed not just in getting started, but in building a lasting system. For example, just as important as defining your sales & lead generation processes is the energy and enjoyment of the people involved. A sales system that burns out and overworks its people is not scalable! A “churn and burn” strategy won’t maintain the energy and creativity required to attract and develop the great people a company needs to grow year after year.

Where to begin

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